Who We Are

Claimplus’ solutions and services assist property insurance carriers in gaining accurate values for items lost, settling claims faster, and helping policyholders recover quickly. Claimplus’ IntelligencePlus™ database and knowledge base provides the right combination of technology and human touch to get the job done right the first time.
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Why Claimplus?

Claimplus’ experienced team of valuators quickly determine LKQ valuations, shortening input time and data return by more than 50%. We are your contents workforce.


We organize with the policy holder at the loss site or over the phone to gain the contents list that will shorten the claim cycle up to 70%.


Over 30 years of product knowledge, technology and experience empowers Claimplus to deliver the most accurate settlements.


Because Claimplus is fast and accurate, we’re problem-free! Claimplus employs accuracy, efficiency and excellent customer service to achieve your claim objectives and those of your policyholder.

contents inventory

Claimplus delivers the skill and professionalism you expect from an experienced contents company. We organize with the policyholder at the loss site or over the phone to gain the contents list that will shorten the claim cycle up to 70%.

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Claimplus Systems Database IntellegencePlus™ is the preferred combination of technology and human touch to get the job done right the first time.  With an archive of product information collected over the past 30 years, and over 16 million product skus to choose from, Claimplus qualified personnel are equipped with the necessary technology and expertise to accurately value the most challenging of contents lists.

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Reduce payment generation expense by as much as 60%,  make faster settlements and improve customer satisfaction. Claimplus’ AnewPlus Card™ is a reloadable MasterCard for use by the insurance industry.  Service all types of claim payments including contents and liability, B2B, building, auto, and ALE.

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product replacement

Claimplus provides your insureds with pricing discounts for product replacement from over 400 suppliers and manufacturers across all product categories. Step up recovery with exclusive discounts and unmatched customer service.

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independent adjusting

Claimplus Adjusting offers Full Line Adjusting Services in all states. Claimplus Adjusting ensures all field staff are properly trained in carrier specific claim handling procedures, proficient in the required estimating software and equipped with all necessary equipment to perform an accurate, timely assignment.

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We’re Not Only Different, We Are Better.

Claimplus actively supports the claim process. This means we work hard to bring you optimal and positive claim results. We have the technology, the man-power and over 30 years of know-how. Eliminate added investments of infrastructure. Get the job done at a lower cost with better quality. Take the opportunity to redirect your organization’s core competencies to strengthen performance.

Claimplus has taken a modern and unique partnership approach to satisfying our clients concerns, and in turn, has exceeded our clients expectations. Your partnership with the Claimplus team provides you with a complete contents solution at a value that is impossible to beat. Call us and we’ll introduce you to the best of the best!

contents valuation


"Sir or Madam, I just want to notify your management team of great appreciation for the help that your specialist provided to me."

− Stephanie C. - Policyholder

"Thanks for finishing this one. The PH called me and was upset about her claim. Nice to know I can pay her today"

− Mike J. - Adjuster

"Wow! That was fast. Thank you so much! I only sent it overnight because of all the color photos. Thanks again!"

− Allen H. - Adjuster