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Providing Contents Valuation and Loss Site Services since 1976.


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It's Easy

We do the work, so you don’t have to.

It's Fast

Simply submit your request for Inventory Creation, Contents Valuation or Recoverable Depreciation.

It's Accurate

Our representatives are skilled experts in anything Contents.

Get accurate Replacement Cost Values and complete Contents Lists.  Settle Property Claims fast.

Claimplus is the Original Contents Valuation Firm, since 1976

Claimplus IntelligencePlus™ combines our product database with our expert product knowledge to determine accurate values for lost contents.

Fast, Accurate and Problem Free™

Property Insurance Solutions

Nationwide Contents Inventory

Confidently dispatch Claimplus to the loss site to create each Property Loss Contents List.

Contents Valuation

We expertly value each loss item with current Like, Kind and Quality product selections, using proprietary software.

Recoverable Depreciation

Upload post claim receipts for an accurate accounting of Replacement Cost Benefits owed.

Claimplus IntelligencePlus™ contents valuation data system and knowledge base is designed to reduce risk and improve productivity by providing consistent, accurate results.

The Insurance Carrier

Claimplus enables your contents claim operation to deliver measurable improvements by eliminating the time-consuming task of Like, Kind and Quality product selection, allowing your claim adjusters to focus on the key issues of claim processing. We help your team:

  • Reduce Risks
  • Fulfill Business Objectives
  • Get Better Results
  • Faster Turnaround Time

Expand your P & C Claims operation capabilities and reduce cycle times by as much as 70%, with Claimplus.

The Property Adjuster

Claimplus simplifies Property Contents Claim Processing. For each claim and line-by-line, Claimplus applies our expert product knowledge, to produce accurate contents settlements and policyholder satisfaction.

Gain an easy-to-read Contents Valuation report backed by Claimplus, the Original Contents Valuation since 1976.

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The Insured

When disaster strikes your property, the impact of such an experience is unique only to you and your family. Your needs and concerns are individual to your circumstance. We at Claimplus respect your experience and your personal story.

Let Claimplus compile a list of your lost belongings into a concise, easy-to-read format. Our combined efforts will promote insurance claim efficiency and encourage a shortened claim cycle to help you on the road to recovery.

How to Submit a Claim

Simply fill out Claimplus Submit a Claim Form by clicking the button below.

  • Expect an acknowledgement of your submission.

  • Expect fast, friendly service.

  • Expect thorough and comprehensive reporting with accurate results.

contents valuation

How does Claimplus assist with Property Damage Claims?


You can’t beat experience. With over 40+ years of product knowledge, and property insurance experience, Claimplus brings true value to the Insurance Property Claim industry. We determine non-restorable contents at the loss site and create comprehensive Contents Inventory Lists. Our Contents Valuation team determines accurate Replacement Cost Values with Like, Kind and Quality product selections.


How does Claimplus prompt fast Contents Claim closure?


Technology is the key. With technology, consistency is achieved, and consistency is the Property Adjuster’s best friend. Simply by submitting each loss list for valuation, we provide a System of Contents Claim handling achieving accurate Replacement Cost, accurate Applied Depreciation, Recoverable Depreciation accounting, for every Contents Claim.

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