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Providing Contents Valuation and Loss Site Services since 1976.

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Claimplus the Original Contents Valuation Firm since 1976

Claimplus IntelligencePlus™ combines our product database with our expert product knowledge to determine accurate values for lost contents.

Fast, Accurate and Problem Free™

Jump Start Your Property Claim Process.  Meet Policyholder Expectations.

Contents Inventory Creation

Count on us for accurate Restorable and Non-Restorable Contents designation.

Gain consistent, detailed loss lists that drive optimal claim outcomes.

Confidently dispatch Claimplus to create a detailed Property Claim Inventory List.  We perform this service nationwide.

Our trained, employee personnel deliver the professionalism and effective service results to meet your expectations and that of your insured, especially in their time of need.

Claimplus Inventory Creation reduces claim cycle time, compared to traditional Schedule C creation.

The Claimplus Difference

We have the technology, the man-power and over 40+ years of Contents know-how.

Claimplus employs efficiency and excellent customer service to achieve better property claim outcomes.

All Claimplus products and services are underscored by unmatched industry experience and complete dedication to accuracy.

Claimplus wrote the book on Insurance Claim Contents Valuation.

Contents Valuation

Claimplus applies proprietary software tools, 40+ years of product knowledge and your P & C Insurance best practices to provide the most economical and effective contents claim solution.

Claimplus expertly values each loss line item with current Like, Kind and Quality product selections.

Carriers benefit by gaining reliable, consistent, accurate settlements and insureds benefit by receiving fair, assured values for their lost belongings.

Claimplus delivers consistent and accurate contents valuations to support your contents claim processing needs.

Claimplus range of product knowledge includes all items found in the average home, luxury residence, or commercial office.

Our insurance carrier client relationships are based on transparency, trust and the common goal of customer retention. We fulfill your needs by providing a dependable vendor relationship, reducing costs and providing accurate claim settlements.

High-End and Unique Product Valuations


Claimplus offers expert valuation of high-end contents along with VIP policyholder service and support, during the claim process and after.

Recoverable Depreciation

Claimplus assists with recoverable depreciation receipt processing

Upload your receipts for an accurate accounting of owed Replacement Cost Benefits.

Loss Site Contents Management

Claimplus offers Loss Site Contents Services in all states. Our field employees are uniformed, trained, and experienced. Armed with the necessary equipment to collect, save and store commercial or home contents. Be impressed with our professionalism.

Catastrophe and Restoration Services

Claimplus provides a personal, professional and positive claim experience during catastrophic and non-catastrophic events.

Dispatch Claimplus to any loss site, nationwide, to provide immediate assistance to your insured.


Loss Site Services Include:

  • Site Administration
  • Contents Coordination
  • Collection Tagging and Tracking
  • Warehouse Administration
  • Specialty Restoration
  • Vendor Management
  • Restorable and Non-Restorable Designation

Claimplus simplifies property claim handling and helps property adjusters stay productive, improve cycle times, and reduce costs.

Product Replacement

Claimplus provides a wide array of products from brand name manufacturers and suppliers.

Offering both residential and commercial product categories.

Payment Solutions

AnewPlus™ is a reloadable MasterCard created to assist insurance carriers in processing settlements with more efficiency.

As an alternative to a paper check, AnewPlus™ MasterCard adds flexibility to your settlement process. Issuing AnewPlus™ as a reloadable MasterCard saves on time and internal check processing costs.

Claimplus helps restore the insured to their pre-loss condition with Like, Kind and Quality merchandise.

  • Industrial
  • Professional Equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Home Appliances
  • And More


Claimplus provides detailed, accurate property claim transcriptions:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Room Categories
  • Item Categories

Contents Claim Consulting

Consult with Claimplus to develop strategies of improved P & C Claim Processing.

Process more claims and reduce Leakage, naturally.

How to Submit a Claim

Simply fill out Claimplus Submit a Claim Form by clicking the button below.

  • Expect an acknowledgement of your submission.

  • Expect fast, friendly service.

  • Expect thorough and comprehensive reporting with accurate results.

How to Submit a Claim

Get accurate Replacement Cost Values and complete Contents Lists. Settle property claims fast.

What makes Claimplus better than other Contents Valuation firms?


Again, the answer is experience. Claimplus has over 40+ years of property insurance experience.  Based on our experience we are able to identify the needs of each claim submission, anticipate issues and assign the relevant service or process to achieve client satisfaction. 

Without experience each claim submission is a learning experience, where the client may be shorted, the best outcome.


What does Contents Valuation achieve?

Not only does Contents Valuation produce a concise list of personal belongings, but also supplies an estimated value for each item listed.  Typically a Contents Valuation report is used to help settle a property insurance claim.

The values may also be used for tax purposes, insurable value or as an asset value list of personal belongings.

Contents Valuation may be performed for a commercial entity also.

Contents Valuation performed accurately, and specifically for an insurance claim, protects carriers and individuals from settlement underpayment or overpayment. 



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