Large Loss and Catastrophe Services

Residential and Commercial

Professional Catastrophe Services for Your Policyholders

Claimplus provides a personal, professional and positive claim experience during catastrophic and non-catastrophic events.

Dispatch Claimplus to any loss site, nationwide, to provide immediate assistance to your insured. Our crews of specialists efficiently inventory the non-restorable items at the loss location. Working with your policyholder, we gain a complete and detailed loss inventory to ensure an accurate settlement solution.

Using Claimplus’ highly trained property contents specialists to assist your policyholder, our clients are able to manage severity, maximize departmental productivity and deliver high customer satisfaction.

Claimplus Experience

From mansions to hoarding estates, you can depend on Claimplus. Upon request, Claimplus Loss Site Services Include:

  • Site Administration
  • Contents Coordination
  • Collection Tagging and Tracking
  • Warehouse Administration
  • Specialty Restoration
  • Vendor Management
  • Restorable and Non-Restorable Designation

Claimplus has assisted carriers throughout the years with Large Loss and Catastrophe claims ranging from Katrina to local hailstorms, homes to cemeteries, schools and factories.

Claimplus loss site Inventory Creation methods and processes have exceeded carrier expectations and set the goal standards for loss site Inventory Creation industry-wide.

You can rely on our trained and managed catastrophe services personnel to provide a high level of claim support, including:

  • Personnel Responsiveness
  • Quality Work Product
  • Consistent Results
  • Policyholder Satisfaction
  • Professional Accountability

Claimplus Product Expertise and Valuation

Claimplus boasts in-depth knowledge in all areas of contents valuation, including fine art, collectibles, gems, and firearms. Claimplus has product expertise in a myriad of commodities including all items found in the average home, plus high-end product, furnishings or collectibles found in a luxury residence, high-tech home or office. Claimplus is also experienced at valuing shop, barn and farm equipment. Claimplus product expertise extends from personal and residential property contents to all types of commercial products such as those found in industries like medical, dental, construction, agriculture, automotive repair, professional services, office equipment, manufacturing, dry cleaning, and more.

Our LKQ selections backed by our expert product knowledge ensures complete claim accuracy, control and cost savings.