Claimplus Overview

The contents services developed by Claimplus include a staff of product experts, knowledgeable in a variety of consumer and commercial products. Claimplus employs accuracy, efficiency and excellent customer service to achieve your claim objectives and those of your policyholder. All Claimplus products and services are underscored by unmatched industry service experience and complete dedication to accuracy – a combination that has not been replicated by other companies.


Claimplus Founder Elizabeth Nelson is among North America’s most experienced insurance claim contents valuation experts today. Elizabeth began her career in 1976, working with her family to create the Contents Valuation Industry as it is known today. The current methodology of formal contents claim valuation devised by Elizabeth, serves as the model, directly or indirectly, for all like firms nationwide. Elizabeth is also the author of several software applications supporting property claim organization and valuation consistency.

Founding Claimplus in 2001, Elizabeth designed and implemented select product replacement systems and fee based valuation reporting models to support the industry’s changing needs. Elizabeth’s insurance service based role, as customer service and claim process consultant, contents and vendor management expert, residential and commercial product replacement as a claim solution, loss site inventory assistance, CAT contents solutions, FNOL to structure restoration best practices and expert legal support to the industries top carriers, has set the nation’s standards for contents claim best outcomes.

Claimplus began in 2001 transitioning the contents valuation industry from product replacement solutions to fee based reporting. Claimplus leads the industry in contents valuation practical methods and best solutions for contents claims. As a result, Claimplus has continued to define the most successful methods and standards for all valuation firms nationwide.

Claimplus has risen as the nation’s true support of contents claim valuation, leading the industry in service, dedication and flexibility to accommodate the industry needs. Backed by 30 years of residential and commercial product valuation, and specializing in valuations of Jewelry, Firearms, Antiques, and all specialty product categories.

Claimplus customers include all major insurance companies in the United States. Claimplus proudly supports property insurance carriers of all sizes.


Over 30 years of experience in the insurance service industry has led us to some impressive claims:

  • Since 2001, Claimplus has processed over 15,000 large losses a year.
  • Product discounts average 25% per claim.
  • Product experts average 7 years employment at Claimplus.
  • We deliver valuation reports in just hours.

Flexible and Supportive

We understand and support the special concerns of carriers, adjusters and policyholders. Working closely with you, we develop a customized claim solution that not only expedites the claims process but yields accurate and consistent results.

  • Claimplus solutions range from individual specialized services to an entire suite of programs that generate detailed loss inventories, accurate settlement recommendations and management data.
  • Your versatile Claimplus solution is customized to meet your particular needs and deliver quantifiable results.
  • We’ll assist you every step of the way from development and implementation to training and support.
  • We practice accountability and prompt communication.


The Claimplus IntelligencePlus™ product database, combined with the knowledge base of our experts, is the right combination of technology and human touch to get the job done right the first time.

  • Claimplus combines the necessary software technology, product knowledge plus industry experience to quickly maximize productivity and deliver optimum customer satisfaction to all parties involved.
  • IntelligencePlus™ is our web based proprietary system automating Claimplus inventory, valuation and claim support workflow, promoting a detailed, consistent work product.
  • IntelligencePlus™ prompts system generated product suggestions, while Claimplus experienced valuators provide guaranteed LKQ accuracy.

Flexible Payments

Use our AnewPlus™ reloadable MasterCard to service all types of claim payments including contents, liability, B2B, building, auto, and ALE. Reduce payment generation expense by as much as 60%, make faster settlements and improve customer satisfaction.

Business Results

Since 2001, Claimplus has been caring for your policyholders and servicing your need for reduced claim costs and accurate settlements.

Improving contents adjuster productivity by 50% or more, with Claimplus you can expect faster claim turnaround, attention to detail, applied depreciation, excellent customer service and accurate valuations. Claim Auditors have come to recognize the accuracy of Claimplus contents work, encouraging the use of Claimplus integrated processes to shorten the audit process.

Put Claimplus to work! We’re everything you need in a contents valuation partner.

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