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Companies have been utilizing third-party administrator (TPA services) as a beneficial management strategy for many years. TPA services allow businesses to focus mainly on delivering quality products and services, rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks and procedures that they may not excel at. The amount of competition in the current marketplace is growing every day, and choosing to rely on a third-party administrator can allow you to stay ahead of your competitors by freeing up your team to continue prioritizing the things they do best.

Claimplus’ TPA services and claims management division is led by dedicated experts that provide detailed, accurate claims management. Claimplus quickly becomes a dedicated partner and key component of your insurance and risk management plan.

Our team has the expertise and experience of incorporating your exact requirements, resulting in timely claims resolutions and controlled costs.

We offer experienced, professional claims administration services to Insurance Companies, Program Managers and Self-Insured Entities, as well as any other companies that wish to lower their costs and improve their outcomes when dealing with property claims.

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