AnewPlus™ – One of the Best Payment Solutions for Insurance Carriers

AnewPlus™ is a reloadable MasterCard created to assist insurance carriers in processing settlements with more efficiency.

As an alternative to a paper check, AnewPlus™ MasterCard adds flexibility to your settlement process. Issuing AnewPlus™ as a reloadable MasterCard saves on time and internal check processing costs. The AnewPlus™ MasterCard also eliminates fraud associated with lost, stolen or duplicated checks.

The average cost of issuing a paper check is about $9.00 per check or higher. By using the AnewPlus™ MasterCard you can curtail those costs by as much as 60%. Also, processing a paper check and getting it into the policyholder’s hands can take four days or longer. Even if the policyholder receives a paper check in a reasonable amount of time, their bank may delay funding while processing a fund’s approval. By using AnewPlus™, you can impress your policyholders by providing immediate access to funds. In addition, AnewPlus™ is reloadable to facilitate supplemental payments.

AnewPlus™ is versatile enough to support all types of policy settlements, liability, structure, ALE, auto, contents and B2B.

Get Your Policyholder On Their Way to Faster Recovery!

Using AnewPlus™ results in much faster resolution time:


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