Loss Inventory Creation – Nationwide

We coordinate with your policyholder at the loss site or over the phone to gain the contents list that will shorten the claim cycle up to 70%.

Claimplus delivers the skill and professionalism you expect from an experienced contents company.

Policyholders are approached with professionalism, compassion and care. You can rely on Claimplus trained and managed personnel for consistent quality, professionalism and effective service results.  Your policyholder will experience an added level of service that will markedly improve cycle time and customer retention.

How It Works:

Confidently dispatch Claimplus to each loss site to efficiently assemble your policyholder’s loss inventory. Claimplus inventory services can be reached at 877-255-7980.

Claimplus will immediately contact your policyholder for an appointment time.

Claimplus meets with your policyholder at the loss site or via phone to compile a concise, easy to read loss inventory. Claimplus captures the necessary detailed item information to accurately value the loss.

The captured inventory list is then forwarded to you in an electronic format within hours of policyholder meeting.

Claimplus also offers prompt valuation of the inventory list to promote accuracy and further reduce cycle time.


  • Obtaining loss inventories has never been easier
  • Reduce claim cycle time by 70%
  • Expertly manage large losses
  • Increase your personnel capacity to assist your policyholders sooner

Claimplus is trained and available for all homeowner and commercial peril types.

Compared to traditional Schedule C creation, Claimplus loss inventory processes reduce claim cycle time by up to 70%.  Assisted inventory creation is recommended for the following claim conditions:

  • Large or Complex Loss
  • Customer Service Issues
  • Total Loss
  • Collectors/Hoarding
  • Policyholders With Special Needs
  • Catastrophe Losses

Specialized, Accurate and Responsive

Our solid reputation for thorough inventory capture and current valuation stems from our commitment to service, accuracy and exceptional customer service. Our success is a result of our product reliability, service integrity and our exceptional, caring personnel.

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