Claimplus IntelligencePlus™ combines our product database with our expert knowledge to get your contents valuations done right.

Fast, Accurate and Problem Free™

Since 2001, Claimplus delivers fair and accurate contents valuations to support your contents processing.

“The positive effects of outsourcing contents claims to Claimplus is measured in real dollars. “Time Saved” alone, yields benefits representing millions of dollars each week. With Claimplus providing your contents inventories and valuation, your opportunity to redirect your organization’s core competencies will strengthen your team’s performance.”  Elizabeth Jane Nelson – Claimplus CEO

“We love the outstanding results and value we receive from Claimplus.” – Claims Executive

Claimplus applies our proprietary software tools, product knowledge and your P & C best practices to provide the most economical and effective contents solution. Claimplus expertly values each loss line item with current Like, Kind and Quality product selections. Carriers benefit by gaining reliable, consistent, accurate settlements and policyholder benefit by receiving fair, assured values for their lost belongings.

The Claimplus IntelligencePlus™ system holds an archive of product information collected over the past 30 years, and with over 16 million product skus to choose from, Claimplus contents valuation delivers the essential combination of technology and professional skills to deliver accurate settlements. Our experts have varied and specialized product knowledge to determine the correct replacement selections. Combined with smart technology to correctly apply limits and depreciation, our valuation team is armed with the tools to get the job done right the first time.

Claimplus eliminates the time-consuming task of contents valuation, allowing your claim adjusters to focus on the key issues of claim processing. Claimplus improves adjuster productivity, which enables your contents claim operation to deliver measurable improvements. We help you:

  • Reduce Risks: With over 30 years of contents experience, Claimplus reduces your risk of inaccurate settlements that lead to over-payment, supplements and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Stay Competitive: Save costs, minimize risks and maximize your competitive edge by fortifying your core competencies. Claimplus allows you to focus most on your strategic plans.
  • Fulfill Business Objectives: Claimplus contents outsourcing enables you to stay ahead of your competitors and strengthen your position in the global market, while focusing and fulfilling your core business objectives.
  • Get Better Results: Claimplus allows your adjusting team to focus better on their core expertise. This in turn ushers in better overall claim processing results. It also helps your company to strengthen your organization’s claim processing expertise.
  • Utilize Resources: Another advantage of drawing on Claimplus contents expertise is that we ensure proper resource utilization. Claimplus employs commodity experts and maintains current and obsolete product pricing. You can be confident that yours and Claimplus’ man-power, technology and excellent infrastructure are utilized productively.
  • Stay Flexible: By outsourcing contents services to Claimplus, your organization becomes more flexible and receptive to change. Claimplus consists of an entire team of professionals ready to support and train your team as processes change.
  • Share Business Risks: Claimplus helps you by sharing contents valuation risks. Your management problems are minimized with our adjuster and policyholder support.
  • Get Fast Turnaround Time: You can be assured of fast turnaround time with Claimplus solutions. Our clients agree – Claimplus is faster and more accurate while providing superior customer service.

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