Complex Claim Consulting Services

Claimplus consults on a variety of claim assignments and circumstances. Our detailed reports and observations assist clients with analyzing, evaluating or re-evaluating their exposures during cases of large or complex claims. Our specialized claim consulting services include reconciling, coordinating, managing and monitoring both residential and commercial property claims. Claimplus expertise is critical for groups and organizations who need fast resolution of complex claims.

Contents Claim Expert Services

Using established standards and procedures, Claimplus performs claim reconciliations that provide an accurate synopsis of claim expenses with an emphasis on contents valuation. Claimplus resources include in-house adjusters specializing in contents and structure, expert contents valuation of all commodities, and 39 years of claim experience to include correct application of policy coverage, depreciation, and service industry best practices.

Claimplus draw on our many years of claim experience to benefit all claim professionals seeking expert assistance and fast resolution.

Claimplus assists in matters of:

  • Litigation
  • Subrogation
  • Large Loss
  • Complex Losses

Claimplus is your contents expert, helping you to reduce risk and resolve disputes effectively and efficiently.

Also, Claimplus’ Adjusting Services can provide skilled, accurate claims adjusting before, during and after the claim.

Your Internal Process

Consult with Claimplus to develop strategies of improved P & C claim processes. Align your workflow to meet your business expectations and the expectations of your clients. With Claimplus’ business consultation processes, we define your needs, measure your abilities, and craft your processes for optimal business value and benefits.

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