Any insurance professional can rely on our over 30 years of contents claim experience to get the work done Fast, Accurate and Problem Free™.

A busy insurance professionals often face heavy workloads and time-consuming tasks. When you assign your contents load to Claimplus, your productivity gets much higher and your claim cycle time is reduced. For each claim and line-by-line, Claimplus applies our system software IntelligencePlus™, as well as our expert product knowledge, to produce settlement accuracy and policyholder satisfaction.

The contents valuation and other services provided by Claimplus can help any insurance professional:

  • Eliminate the tedium associated with contents research and valuation.
  • Concentrate on core objectives and enhance productivity skills.

Aside from contents valuation and inventory creation, we also provide transcription and product replacement services that can relieve some of the other incredibly time-consuming tasks that insurance professionals face. These services are always performed with the utmost accuracy and timeliness.

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